Author Topic: [RECENTLY INFECTED COMPUTER] URL keeps pushing, and Avast doesnt solve it.  (Read 1410 times)

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Hello! I have installed avast because of this ramsomware/trojan/+everything else more about malware.

And I have important archives at this computer, and a busy week.
I've installed Avast, and I'm inclined to even buy avast. But it didnt actually solve my problem completely, even though it have solved the main infection (cause I know how ransomware works, have contracted ramsonware 3 or more times before, and I know how it works).

Well, avast did help me a LOT, it stopped the infection, but it keeps not stopping the freaking viruses/malwwares/rahnsomwares

I'd like to actually solve it for good, and I dont have time for formating my pc right now.
Thanks in advance!

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Well, no solutions by the software, and no solutions by the community, I think I'm gonna buy NOD32.
Thank you guys for 15 years of functional support until today!

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I started to try and answer your topic, but in all honesty there really is insufficient information to even try.

This forum has many regular Avast Users trying to help other users, but Avast Team input isn't as active as multiple users, not to mention this is also a weekend.

Avast is trying to protect you by blocking access to what it considers malicious - avast isn't alone in this considering this IP suspect -

I haven't a clue what else you are asking for - also your image would have been more helpful had you opened the See details section as that would show what is/was initiating that connection.
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What are the details? Select show details?
It may give you and others a clue.
It's also the weekend, chill.
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