Author Topic: Read this for Beginners luck !!  (Read 1706 times)

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Read this for Beginners luck !!
« on: December 10, 2007, 10:23:05 PM »
I just uninstalled my previews (slow as a duck) antivirus (nis2006) and installed avast! from a magazine cd... and in the prosedure i've upgradet it to 4.7 home edition.... ;D (windows xp home original amd processor "athlon 64x2 5600+", gigabyte m/board "ga-m55s-s3 rev2.0",nvidia geforce 7600gt, memory 1giga & adsl 1024/256...just for the technical ref.).I' installed some cool skins in betwin the 2 installations to!!! :o
At the beginning i tried to open yahoo mail to get my registration key an give it to 4.7 home and....nothing!!!! ::) Iexplorer was down!!! (he was screaming "no connection" !!!) my connection status:on line!!! i was able to enter "yahoo!" but not "yahoo! mail"...! ???
I stoped avast protection in hope of reconnection.... and then i saw my w.firewall.. :o! It was turned on by uninstallin my previous antivirus !! so i turned it off again !!! And signing in yahoo mail was once again possible. :D So i gave the key to my friend protector (avast 4.7home) and i was on line  ;D Tried on the new skins,following the advice for transparecy.... and then:
By moving the avast! window and droping in in new possition it turned black!!!!
Oh my god-i am blind ???? closing and opening avast over and over did not do a thing!!
i registered here to ask for help and then i realized that it was "the transparecy thing" checked for my new skins...i turned it off and "lights on" ;D!!!
so i write this down for the next beginner... don worry: they know what they are doing
To all in avast! project:thank you for sharing the protectinon with us !!!!
and sorry for misspelings (i am from greece and did not take any english lessons)
Bye !!