Author Topic: Avast One can not resolve Pirrit-DA threat in arm64eBaseSystem.dmg file  (Read 4240 times)

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hi, i'm looking for help
Today Avast One (Macbook Air Monterey 12.3.1) is consistantly (4 scans before/after uninstall and reinstall of Avast One) reporting two Pirrit-DA threats in the arm64eBaseSystem.dmg file burried under /System/Volumes/Updates/SFR (2 locations).

I have seens a few threads online saying that this is  a false identification and repeat scanning will show everything is clear. However multiple scans later and i am still getting the threat identified. Avast one can not delete or quarantine the files.

Can someone with technical expertise confirm if this is false identification or suggest ways to overcome this problem. I can't access these files to delete.
with thanks for your help Phil

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Can you please post a screenshot of the detected file?

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Upload the file to If only one or two flag it, it is probably OK.