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What avast can improve?
« on: July 21, 2022, 07:55:41 PM »
Hi, in this short post I would like to write about what avast could change in the operation of the program for the better.

-Protection and scanning of registry keys-some traces and viruses leave keys in the registry that are dangerous, while the antivirus does not detect them. It would also be good to add registry modification protection to prevent malicious changes to the registry

-Protection of key system files/folders-When the antivirus is active, it blocks all requests to delete and modify system files (including the system administrator, except for system processes for system updates-Windows Update). This will protect the user from scripting and fileless attacks from system breaches- such a feature is available in COMODO, for example.

-Add banking protection for each browser, by default you need to download Avast Secure Browser to enable this mode, but not everyone wants to use it, most people use Chrome, Edge or Firefox, so it would be good for Avast to automatically start banking mode in these browsers when a bank site is detected.

-Reduce the resources used by the program, here I mean RAM, disk and CPU usage on older computers. Avast by default consumes about 100-120 MB of ram, it would be good to create the program in such a way that it eats about 10-20 MB, this can be done with cloud protection (the definitions would be on the manufacturer's servers). Less used resources means better running hardware :)

-The most important feature: protection against antivirus deactivation (tamper protection), more and more often I see viruses that can bypass the resident protection and heuristic scanner to disable it. Yes, you can add a password to access the program, but nevertheless I would prefer to see protection in this aspect significantly improved, for example, blocking access to WMI, Windows mechanisms to manage antivirus services...etc.

I hope the above ideas will help improve the Avast antivirus.

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Re: What avast can improve?
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2022, 10:13:16 PM »
Absolutely not! auto add banking mode to other browsers just pi55es people off.

This has happened when other functions were automatically applied.  That is what the custom installation functions is all about to allow users to select what they want.

Avast is relatively light on resources as seen in many reviews, star adding some of the things you mention adds to resource usage.

If you have a problem with 100-200mb of Ram usage, you have a problem with your system. Either low RAM or too many programs running in the background.  I can't ever see an AV using only 10-20MB, in the sixties/seventies perhaps and not one you are talking about with the extra load you want it to cover.

Have you taken a look at your browsers RAM and CPU use recently !
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