Author Topic: Avast Latest Build Destroy Canon Printer Driver  (Read 763 times)

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Avast Latest Build Destroy Canon Printer Driver
« on: June 09, 2022, 02:22:00 AM »
Beware. If someone here encounter your Canon printer is not functioning after Avast latest Build. Then the only simple fix is to restore previous date before Avast has update.

Almost a day of troubleshooting. it only fix if i do a restore but updating Avast latest build then restart computer, Canon printer wont work.

Even uninstalling avast still printer wont work.

Very stressful experience..

How about an average user encounter this? they will bring their printer to service center for check the unit or RMA the printer without knowing Avast is the culprit.

The very stressful here is that even uninstalling Avast. The printer wont function. I didnt use Avast uninstall utility. I just uninstall in CP.
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