Author Topic: Avast's Website & Marketing of Products are Overly Complex?  (Read 1315 times)

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Am I The Only End-User Who Believes That The Avast Website And Product Offerings are Overly Complex?
This is the comment I just left after giving the feedback rating of 4 out of 10 and then being asked "Why":

Because your website is an actual mess. I often note that some websites are packed too tightly on their pages, but yours seems to waste all that space on presenting links that I find vague and even using your search tool fails to give me the answer I am pursuing – such as trying to locate the details of your “safe browser“ for my Mac. I had to search through four different links before I could find A FAQ page and I never did find out whether I could download it and whether there was any charge to use it.

I still don’t know what it means to use it. I just completed my trial of the VPN service and went ahead and signed up for two years for the so-called Avast One, but it seems as though it was misrepresented because it does not include other optional services which you charge separately for.  Just getting a real quotation was also the reason I rated Avast so low because of the very confusing staff whom I spoke with to try and understand the different - and poorly named and explained - options for a package deal.

That is not what I consider an all-in-“One“ solution as it does provide an overly-complex and confusing set of options.

That means Avast needs to de-complicate its website and service offerings; make it simpler for end-users to understand what they’re getting - and more importantly, what they aren’t getting - and have the option to turn off the flood of advertising emails trying to sell me those services that you did not include in “One“.

I hope I explain this in sufficient detail for you to affect positive change in an effort to continually improve your services. I’m under the impression that your services function well, it is your presentation and marketing schemes that desperately need attention.

As a retired 30 year veteran IT project and program manager, I can attest to the fact that the presentation and functionality of a company’s website is usually ruined by people who are overtly  disconnected from end-users and they create havoc by ignoring them.  When only a few people are in control of making changes to the structure of how your company interacts with the public and how your products are organized - instead of soliciting input from a team of professional who aren’t disconnected from the customers like management can be - this is the end result and the reason I enjoyed successfully fixing those self-inflicted problems for the past 30 years as an IT consultant.

Maybe you just need a set of fresh eyes to assess the usability of your market-strategy-driven website. If I am wrong, then your problem originates elsewhere.

I’m under the impression that marketing drives your website design; I have to assume that the marketing department intentionally created the structure of this overly-complex monster and that executive management either approved it out of ignorance, trust in the recommendation, or is equally disconnected from the user experience.

Please do call me if you would like me to assess your marketing strategy and website. My assessment and recommendations are guaranteed to simplify and integrate both and greatly improve your presentation to the world.  I can even root out who was responsible for the situation if you need to blame someone to feel better about your decisions.  Or not and you can set your attentions to the remedies I would recommend following.  Of course, if you don't think you have a problem and hiring someone to provide an independent assessment scares you, I think we all would concur that such a decision is not in the best interests of your company and shareholders.