Author Topic: Avast Premium blocking connection to World of Warships login after patch  (Read 1144 times)

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Hi All,

hoping to find some one who might be able to help with a rather odd issue i'm having.  Here is what I have currently:

    I have Avast Premium Security, currently with
Program version 21.3.2459 (build 21.3.6164.664), 
 Virus Definitions version 210521-12
UI version 1.0.617.     

The issue is this:

after World of Warships has a new patch,  for 1 - 5 days after, the only way I can successfully connect and game is to disable all Avast shields.  I  have added both the client and the game center API to the allowed lap list under General --> Blocked & Allowed Apps  with access to everything I could select there..    I've also added both the world of warships game client to the exceptions list under general --> Exceptions.    Still,  when I fire up World of Warships, the client will initialize but then just perpetually spin on "logging in"   when I disable Avast shields then I can login to the game client and get into a game, but if I enable the shields, even while in the middle of a match, i'll immediately lose connection and have to disable shields to get back into the game.

This issue seems to correct itself after a few days, so in the past I've been content to wait, but i'm hoping someone might know what i'm going on about and have some ideas on how to resolve the issue.  This also seems to be unique to just world of warships, I haven't seen the same behavior from any other games or programs.   if any one has any ideas of what might be causing this or how to fix it I would greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions you can offer.

Thank you in advance for your time and effort in this matter!

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i am still experincing this and sadly i dont ever seem to get any help from either avast or world of warships forums -

i think the problem is with Avast - seriously can you fix this please , as the only way i can play world of warships is actually to switch avast off, which is not ideal

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Hi, you can report a suspected FP (File/Website) here:
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