Author Topic: Avast 22.6.6022 + Thunderbird 102.0 (64-bit) : Security Certificate Issue  (Read 599 times)

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===== UPDATE 7/7/2022 =======
As of today, the Security Certificate exception has gone away.
I'll keep this report here, just in case it reappears.

I've been receiving a Security Exception issue with Avast and the recent Thunderbird mail Clients whenever I hit the "Get Messages" button for my hotmail email accounts.

<-- I've added the popup as an attachment.

It keeps coming back, even if I select "Confirm Security Exception" upon the popup. The reported error is "Unknown Identity" and when I view the Certificate details, the Issuer name is shown as "Avast Web/Mail Shield".

Disabling the Mail Shields' "Scan Inbound emails (POP3, IMAP4) addresses this problem, but I guess exposes my mail client to undetected viruses/malware.

Any idea, why this is happening ?

Thanks in advance,
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