Author Topic: Free Version Avast One wrecking internet speed  (Read 8596 times)

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Free Version Avast One wrecking internet speed
« on: January 06, 2022, 09:02:28 PM »
Running MacBook Pro with Monterey12.1, and Avast updated to their new free version.

I have fiberoptic internet, with typical download speed of 250Mbps, and 150Mbps upload. I am running a Google MESH wireless router.

When I run speediest by OOkla, all of my other devices will show the speeds I listed above. Not so on this MacBook Pro running this version of Avast one. Speeds drop to 60Mbps or lower download, and about the same on the upload. Makes no difference if I use Safari or Chrome.

"Network" shows the WiFi active, and Avast Security also. Tried turning Avast One off, but it won't stay off. Uninstalled Avast One, but some part of it remained and the problem continued. Reinstalled Avast One, and problem persists.

Why can't I turn Avast Security off? And keep it off when I want top performance?

Better yet, why is Avast One so badly reducing my Internet speeds at all in the first place? Not a single other device not using this Avast One program is having a problem like this, and tests show all of the other devices are getting top internet speeds and performance. iPhones, iPads, other Macs in house, and all of them accessing all other same wireless router hardware, internet access hardware, and internet access.

Up till now, I liked Avast!, used it for years, and recommended it to many. Now with this latest version, I think I want it gone for good, and uninstalling it showed it won't go away, nor this latest problem it brought with it. Can't say I'm impressed with the customer service or feedback methods with it either.

Am I the only one having these issues?

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Re: Free Version Avast One wrecking internet speed
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2022, 09:22:28 PM »
the Avast One issues should be discussed in section, my knowledge is a bit limited.

Avast Security in Network Preferences is a system extension. Avast One installs it to analyse network traffic (Web Shield) searching for a malicious activities. If you uninstall Avast One and reboot a computer, it should be gone.

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