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Malware detected in Settings
« on: July 14, 2022, 06:51:18 PM »
So I am going about my business today and Avast Mobile Security on my phone starts demanding attention. Says that the Settings app contains malware blah blah blah. My phone was updated to Android 12 by the manufacturer yesterday so I am pretty sure this is a false positive, but I keep getting a notification from the Avast Mobile Security app that my false positive report wasn't sent. I tap the resolve button and the disable option is greyed out. Anyone else seeing something similar to this? I am attaching the screenshots I took for reference...

Small edit: as suggested in another thread, ran the VirusTotal app on my phone and com.motorola.carriersettingsext came back 'Clean' with the Sha256 of f2a3afb339a9ced7fa0806339f91faf17493a0b5bb35583132aba8ed9eaf5f41
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Re: Malware detected in Settings
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