Author Topic: Why does Premium Security NOT scan/offer to fix corrupt boot sector.  (Read 363 times)

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In the "old" days, viruses attacked the boot sector (of floppies then, but HDDs later on), The latest Premium Security AvastPE version Rescue Disk does a marvelous job scanning and pronouncing every file (that is FILE SYSTEM file) as clean. No mention of the actual boot sector, or even the Master Boot Record (MBR, I understand the distinction), which, like British Royalty, have no names. Can someone please explain this to me, and maybe point me to a version (or even another product) that does this? I've been down due to an (NTFS) INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE stop code for four days and had hoped AvastPE would address this.

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Ironically, I will have to boot with the Avast Rescue Disk in order to even read any replies. This while I'm l searching for something to repair my corrupt BOOT SECTOR...

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