Author Topic: STOP Endless reboot nag messages!!!  (Read 5216 times)

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STOP Endless reboot nag messages!!!
« on: October 12, 2022, 09:00:15 PM »
PLEASE for the love of God stop popping up endless reboot nag messages on my computer.

This is Avast Business Pro, not some some hopeless home user running the free version. I am an IT professional and I can make my own decisions.

FIRST: You should not be forcing computers to reboot at all in order to get an Avast update. You are NOT modifying the operating system, and therefore you have no technical reason to force a reboot. Just restart the Avast servers, silently, PLEASE.

SECOND: If you are going to continue to insist on taking the lazy way out and forcing users to reboot, notify them ONCE and let them make the decision on whether to reboot now or later.

STOP STOP STOP popping up the reboot notice over and over and over and over and over every 2 minutes.

I SAW the !#%!% thing! If I wanted to reboot it RIGHT NOW I would have done it!! I don't need this!!

I swear, if you continue to do this, I will start posting a new topic on this forum, and sending Avast support an email to complain, EVERY TIME this !%!$%$# popup appears, and you can see how YOU like it!!!

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Re: STOP Endless reboot nag messages!!!
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2022, 08:30:05 PM »

Apologies for the issue and experience you've had with the product. We are aware of the issue with the reboot warnings and working to correct it as soon as possible.
Unfortunately, with some updates, we do require a restart as the software is tied to the kernel to provide security to the windows operating system. A restart is needed to make changes to the software that is otherwise locked behind the active OS that is running.

We do encourage you to contact support directly when issues like this arise so that we can look specifically at your account along with other reports, if any, of the same issue to help us determine the cause of the problem so, don't hesitate to contact us when issues arise.



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Re: STOP Endless reboot nag messages!!!
« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2022, 08:42:26 PM »
Thank you. I look forward to this getting fixed.

However, we've used Avast for a very long time. Previous versions prior to Avast Business Pro NEVER forced a reboot on a user. Somehow the product was able to update itself without doing that. So I don't see why the current version of the product can't be engineered to work the same way.

Or, perhaps earlier versions simply waited for the user to reboot the computer without annoying him or her about it. The console for earlier versions provide fine-grained control of messages that were displayed to the user. With the on-premises version of Avast Business Pro, that is no longer the case. I can either turn off ALL messages, including detection alerts, or I have to permit ALL messages.

In a business context, the fewer messages that cause users to contact the Help Desk, the better. Even if you insist on a reboot, you don't have to annoy the user about it. Just wait for the user to shut down the computer in the normal course of events. Either that, or add the ability to truly control messaging to the on-premises console, so I can turn off these reboot messages myself.

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Re: STOP Endless reboot nag messages!!!
« Reply #3 on: November 01, 2022, 09:45:33 PM »
A kindred spirit... thank you.

I've turn off everything (silent) so I have to check the management panel once or twice a week to manage the reboots etc (especially after it pushed a reboot out on my "updates set to manual" terminal servers mid-day and users just dutifully clicked "reboot" so the next hour was a frantic mess getting our ERP application back up and running).