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Hi, this is my 1st post apologies for the length & if I've missed any needed info.

My Android device - moto g(50)
Android 12
System update  -Software updated to S1RFS32.27-25-2  Applied 30 July 2022 at 15:08  So yesterday.
Avast Mobile Security : Version 6.501-510882-3:309dc974
Virus definitions version:  220730-00 (30 Jul 2022)

Yesterday evening my Automatic scan ran & found an issue - it says:
"Found 1 threat
Resolve the following to secure your device
Malware detected

System tracing contains malware that could harm your device. It is installed in the system partition and cannot be uninstalled. Instead, you must deactivate the app from system settings."

If I click resolve - the disable (as advised by Avast app) I get:
"System tracing
If you disable this app, Android and other apps may no longer function as intended. You can't delete this app since it came pre-installed on your device. By disabling this app, you will turn it off and hide it on your device."

This is a hidden system app,  Play Protect scan finds nothing, neither does Malwarebytes (on demand scan).
Malwarebytes has this info about the app:

"System tracing

Installed:1 Jan 2009
Source: System
Last updated: 1 Jan 2009
Version: 1.0"

Could this be a false positive? My previous scan was the 21st July which was fine, I don't think I've downloaded any new apps (don't download many apps). Could it be because of the System update which was only 7 hours before the scan?

Is it safe to wait  a couple of days before disabling (in case it is a false positive)?
It's in "Ignored issues" - if it is a false positive - will that drop off?
Can you " re scan" the ignored issues - how will I know if it's still a threat or a false positive?

Many thanks

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I am getting the same thing on my moto g Stylus 5G running the new Android 12 update. Pretty sure it is a false positive. This is the second one I have had since installing Motorola's android 12 update.

Ran VirusTotal and MalwareBytes. MalwareBytes did not find any issues, and VirusTotal reports Clean with an SHA256 of 27bf6d778ed119aa19a493a94db8fdd165c3440e39211b0acf2cc63da2426502