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ASB V102-4 Privacy Guard
« on: August 15, 2022, 04:21:20 AM »
Hi Ruslan S,

You requested feedback on on V102/3/4 ASB Privacy Guard. (I've put my diagnostic info at the end.)

Privacy Guard main menu dropdown

 1.1 cannot activate settings (the gear icon) or progress to the the Security and Privacy Centre using the arrow. The cursor is active and changes on hover but the command fails to execute.

Privacy Guard Settings page

1 The radio button to switch form Basic to Balanced fails to execute.
2. The radio button to switch to Strict mounts a new window in which the Set Strict command button
 and cursor are active but fail to execute.
3 Always allow ads on the following sites Add mounts a new window for the url to whitelist, but the Save command fails to execute.

Many thanks for your attention to the above.

Diagnostic Info:
executable_path=C:\Users\pthor\AppData\Local\Avast Software\Browser\Application\AvastBrowser.exe
profile_path=C:\Users\pthor\AppData\Local\AVAST Software\Browser\User Data\Default
os_version=Windows 10 v21H1 (x64)
av_engines=Avast Antivirus, AMSI - Avast IAntimalwareProvider implementation
active_av_engine=Avast Antivirus
browser_version=104.0.18003.81 (Official Build (64-bit))

Channel: stable
OS language: en-us
Browser language: en-US
Search Engine URL:{searchTerms}
Omaha version: 1.8.1189.1

Enabled extensions:
ahfgeienlihckogmohjhadlkjgocpleb : Web Store : 0.2
dmfdacibleoapmpfdgonigdfinmekhgp : Avast SecureLine VPN :
efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj : Adobe Acrobat: PDF edit, convert, sign tools :
ekmkelgimdicdgkflkakgmjcghgpdnji : Messaging :
emhginjpijfggbofeediiojmdlmlkoik : Avast Passwords : 2.0.4569
ikciebnllkcaoomcaigplmbelfcogpnm : Avast News Companion (beta) : 1.3.160
jfijboeaeajnoejbcdbhejlnmhepeige : NTP Extension : 3.8.109
kdhipfbocahipinepiahppeionfbahlg : Avast Video Downloader : 2.6.158
kmendfapggjehodndflmmgagdbamhnfd : CryptoTokenExtension : 0.9.74
lhnnoklckomcfdlknmjaenoodlpfdclc : Avast Bank Mode :
mecokbmnofclapimmlnfegiohceoaocc : Avast Performance Manager : 1.2.220
mhjfbmdgcfjbbpaeojofohoefgiehjai : Chrome PDF Viewer : 1
nkeimhogjdpnpccoofpliimaahmaaome : Google Hangouts : 1.3.18
onochehmbbbmkaffnheflmfpfjgppblm : Avast Privacy Guard : 2.8.353

Disabled extensions:
beghmmhchncjignfbfnemngnlnjdmbcb : Avast Anti-Fingerprinting : 2.6.221

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Re: ASB V102-4 Privacy Guard
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2022, 05:05:58 PM »

Thank you for reporting the issue. Unfortunately, I couldn't replicate the behavior described.
Can I ask you to re-install the browser and send us the Diagnostic information again?

Thank you in advance,