Author Topic: Certificate Authority Issue - unable to import to Thunderbird  (Read 508 times)

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Certificate Authority Issue - unable to import to Thunderbird
« on: September 15, 2022, 05:10:08 PM »
I have seen many posts on a similar subject but not exactly the same so I hope someone can help.
I am using Avast - Free version 22.8.630, release date 19/8, I have started using Thunderbird (102.2.2). I know people have had issues with Avast Certificates so I have followed the suggestions to create and download a Certificate using Avast.
Avast are not currently listed as a Certificate Authority in TB. My issue is that I can only import the Avast Certificate using the Authority tab in Thunderbird when I switch to troubleshoot mode so I can only sync my Hotmail accounts when I am in troubleshoot mode as TB does not list Avast as a Certificate Authority other than when in troubleshoot mode. I have compared the settings in TB in troubleshoot mode / normal mode and they are the same as far as I can see as when I swith to troubleshoot mode I do not disable Add-ons or reset toolbars. When I try and sync emails in standard mode it just hangs and nothing is processed.
I can disable the  Scan SSL Connections in Avast and that works but that is not ideal either,
I have reinstalled Thunderbird and get the same result.
Is there an alternative Avast Certificate that is recognised by Thunderbird? Or any other solution that will solve this problem?