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G-Lock Spam Combat Blocked
« on: September 17, 2022, 05:29:18 AM »

I've been using G-Lock Spam Combat

with Avast Free

on Windows 10 Home 64x

and worked fine until two weeks ago, when it could no longer download e-mail headers. The error is "10091: Network subsystem is unusable". The problem persists even after I add the G-Lock folder in

Avast Free Settings -> General -> Exceptions

and in

Blocked and Allowed Apps -> Allowed Apps

although only the Ransomware Shield shows up for features that will allow the app to run.

Meanwhile, MS Outlook 365 can still download e-mail correctly.

However, when I go to

Avast Free settings -> Protection -> Core Shields -> Mail Shield

and disable "Scan Inbound emails (POP3/IMAP4)", G-Lock is able to download e-mail headers correctly.

How can I make G-Lock work without disable "Scan Inbound emails".

Thanks for the help.