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[Solved] Avast not working after update, can not be (re)installed
« on: September 29, 2022, 11:13:59 AM »

I had an update for Avast Business around Monday 26/09. Following the update, Avast was no longer "launchable". (No shortcut on desktop, no more icon). Restarting my computer did not fix it.

Following this issue, I had no option except to uninstall and reinstall it.
I tried multiple times to use the installer, it always "stops the install" after like 30 seconds, like "You can close this window, it will install Avast in background" (this is stupid for an installer, just put a real installer so we know if everything was installed "FINE"... with a close button at the end.).
So I just launched it, waited approx. 30 minutes just to be sure if something was installed, but no...
The only thing that is being installed is Avast SecureLine VPN.

If you have anything that could help please... Thank you.

Edit: Some news :
- IT sent me multiple links and finally, one of them worked!
- The avast_business_agent_setup_offline (~586 Mo) doesn't work offline. It needs to be connected to internet (probably to validate the license?)
- Three avast_business_agent_setup_online (~10 Mo each) didn't work, the installation of Avast would not work
- Finally, to make it worked :
--- I uninstalled Avast with Windows "apps"
--- I deleted all folders of Avast in Program Files / Program Files x86 / Program Data
--- The IT service deleted an "account" (in the "monitoring/managing interface" (I do not have access to that)) and create a new one. We had 8 PC for 10 licenses so we wouldn't expect this bug to occures.
--- I used the last link (~10 Mo) and it worked.

It would still be great:
1- To have a link for the full deinstallation of Avast Business (only public ones have a downloable on google?)
2- If the installer was clear with % of progress instead of just showing a message "You can now close this window. The installation of the services will be done in "background"" (french: "Vous pouvez maintenant fermer cette fenêtre. L'installation des services se poursuivra en arrière-plan"). I had to open Task Manager and check if some Avast Antivirus / Avast Business Agent / Avast Antivirus Installer were launched and working (process 1%-2%-5%-20%)
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