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cant uninstall anti track prem
« on: November 05, 2022, 06:28:42 PM »

acer aspire 5733 6437 laptop intelcore i5 480m,320gb hd, 4gb ram, windows 7 ult 64bit ,service pack 1, avast prem secuity

Hi It seems I have a problem with advast antitrack premium.I cant unistall it.When I go to

control panel, programs unistall,

 the antitrack the icon looks like a tiny screen shot not the orange circle when I hit unistall a

3/4 screen black window opens then a notifcaion window opens and says "cannot get icaris files"

error 44002.Ive been watching fubo tv using firefox browser it worked so so stuttering sometimes

so I tryed the avast browser worked ok but uses alot of resorces. then I got a blue screen

notifcaion. I did a clear uninstall of avast prem in safe mode and reinstalled still the same

problem with antitrack.Now when watching fubo tv
(with firefox or avast browser) the the computer will shutoff after about 1 hr and is running

very hot? Ive done multi diskchk, memory dianostic, full advast virus scan and boot time scan.

also checked power settings, etc.... fubo tv doesnt work with vpn and I dont know if ad blockers

and antitrack programs interfear with fubo tv ? I would perfere to leave it uninstalled. Any help

would be appreciated THX  JJ
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Re: cant uninstall anti track prem
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2022, 12:13:50 PM »

Can you please try to re-install Avast AntiTrack and then uninstall it?