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sticky password is grayed out
« on: November 24, 2022, 11:28:32 PM »
Since the last version of avast secure browser the extension of sticky password is grayed out, it no longer works. Before that I had problems with secure browser and this extension. When avast secure browser had an update, the sticky password extension was greyed out after the update of secure browser, to make this extension work again I had to repair avast secure browser. But now nothing works. I uninstalled avast secure browser then after sticky password but it did not solve the problem. In other browsers this extension works well even after a browser update.

And for sticky password extension in bank mode I had to add the sticky password .exe in the taskbar of secure browser otherwise the extension was grayed out, then click on this sticky password icon to open the sticky password unlock window although it was already unlocked. It therefore gave me 2 sticky password icons in the system tray, and the sticky password extensions in the other browsers were then grayed out. I had to click on exit on a sticky password icon in the system tray, then unlock sticky password again so that sticky password extensions in other browsers work again. The operation of sticky password with avast secure browser is chaotic or was chaotic now it does not work anymore.

Please fix it, and work with the sticky password team if needed to make this extension work properly.

secure browser Version 107.0.19254.107. Windows 10 latest build.
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Re: sticky password is grayed out
« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 05:52:00 PM »
Hello adia32,
we reproduced the problem and opened a fix request on our side (internal note ASB-14326), we should pick this up with following releases.
Thank you for reporting and sorry for the inconvenience caused.