Author Topic: [HOW] Retrieving Passowords From Non-Accessible MacBook SSD Partition  (Read 2940 times)

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Hello, dear members,

the situation is the following: MacBook Pro Late 2013 has 2 SSD Partitions: say, 1 and 2.

On the Partition 1 there was Avast Password installed, synced with my old iPhone, so I technically have access to passwords, but there are 100+ This partition does not work (erased a few essential files, while cleaning up, just boots up not).

On the Partition 2 there is Mac OS X 10.13 and I can access the Partition 1 files, but I cannot seem to find the vault with Avast Passwords to, say, copy and paste to a newly installed Avast Password on Partition 2.

The question is -- how do I access the vault or the passwords on the Partition 1? What is the path to it? Searched everything, but found nothing.

Really appreciate your help, guys. Thank you!