Author Topic: Renewing early and without authorisation - so robbing from a distance Beware  (Read 572 times)

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Just be aware that this company has in my case not deleted my credit card details from the system and then used it to renew a subscription that I have advised in writing that I had no plans to renew.  At renewal last year I expressed my anger at the Policy of taking money on in my case 3rd of December for a 19th December renewal ( the excuse about checking you have funds in the account is both insulting and a nonsense) and now they ignored my cancellation details and took money from the credit card?!  After a 20 minute call I have been 'assured' that funds are being refunded in 5-7 working days. They can't do it immediately apparently - even though they took the funds 2 weeks early illegally.
What is the difference between being robbed in the street and these systems?!