Author Topic: Can I tunnel applications outside the vpn?  (Read 3214 times)

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Can I tunnel applications outside the vpn?
« on: December 14, 2022, 02:31:03 AM »
I have a Dynamic DNS.  My DYNDNS updating software needs access to my real ip, so that my inbound servers can still be accessed, but everything else should use the VPN.  This is possible with my AVG VPN on my android phone.  Is this possible with Avast SecureLine VPN in Windows?  This needs to be seamless, I can't just disable the vpn to run the dynamic updater, then put it back on.  Some applications just aren't designed to work with a VPN.  I bought the product previously, and this wasn't possible, which made it a huge waste of time.  I'm wondering if that has changed.