Author Topic: Avast secureline vpn is not available in google play store for android 4.1.2  (Read 2726 times)

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Avast secureline vpn is not available for android 4.1.2
In google play store.
When one downloads its apk file.  During installation
This apk file gives parse error.
Please post a working apk file for avast secureline vpn for android 4.1.2 .

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Although an Avast user - I would be surprised if Avast Secureline VPN supports Android 4.1.2

Or possibly the other way round, Android 4.1.2 not supporting Avast Secureline VPN, e.g. not having the the required functionality to run the Avast Secureline VPN program.  Which is probably why it isn't available in the google play store for Android 4.1.2

You have posted in the Avast Mobile Security sub forum, do you have that installed with Android 4.1.2, I would have thought you may have the same issue there.
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I have used avast products for many years on pc and laptop
And I was extremely satisfied by it.I Especially liked avast pc
Cleaner and optimizer because it automatically updated my softwares and put to
Sleep those programs which were running in the background
And  automatically released ram and so my pc/laptop performed
Perfectly.used its vpn and antivirus on pc.
On android 4.1.2 google play store has no Avast secureline vpn.
Downloaded its apk file and  during installing gives parse error.
Downloading avast secureline vpn apk for android 4.1.2 and when it is
Installed it wont work.displaying message avast secureline vpn has stopped
Working REPORT OK.
Please help how to fox this problem asap.
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