Author Topic: Browser-specific site freezes.  (Read 2408 times)

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Browser-specific site freezes.
« on: December 25, 2022, 11:10:57 PM »
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I found a bug on the site, which manifests itself as a strong delay when scrolling the map. I originally wrote to the developers of this site, but when they asked for details, I could not reproduce this error on other browsers, Edge and Firefox. When I ran the performance analysis in DevTools, I saw some function called by mouseup and readystatechange events taking 300ms of CPU time. I then ran the analysis in private mode and got a value of 160 ms. When I went back to my normal browser mode, turned off all the extensions, and ran the performance analysis again, I found that the function took about 700ms.  In this case, the site was almost impossible to use. You can see it in the screenshots. When I remove the cookies of this site and refresh the page, its performance is restored for some time, and then the problem reoccurs.