Author Topic: Unknown charges; VPN, AntiTrack, Premium Security, Premium Cleanup  (Read 318 times)

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I just don't remember ever even subscribing to these except the VPN initially for $51, and I may have tried Premium for some time. But I still don't see an indication of these in desktop app and rather they just look like individual charges on random days...VPN, Avast Premium Security and AntiTrack, Cleanup Premium...It looks as if I somehow clicked some button somewhere and subscribed or someone else did it. I still get the prompt to "Go Premium" so its not like that was activated....

Requesting a refund for the latest charge and hope I get it....
The invoices don't clarify what kind of subscription these are; is it 1 year, 2 year, 3 year?...I got charged twice this year for VPN; $97 in January and $108 in December.

The Avast desktop app I wish actually showed my subscriptions instead of taking me to the site-also it says I just have Avast One Essential....Then some features I can turn on but doesn't say if they are part of a subscription.

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