Author Topic: Unable to Update Avast Mobile on Android Phone  (Read 2619 times)

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Unable to Update Avast Mobile on Android Phone
« on: December 09, 2022, 06:51:48 PM »

I have a MOTO C with Android 7 running Avast Mobile 6.48.1

The reason it is running this version (rather than a later one) is that Google Play store is informing me that Avast is no longer compatible with my device.

I have cleared out my Google Play app and uninstalled/reinstalled Avast with no effect.

Also (for what I suspect is a similar reason) Avast crashes if I try and access the apps "home page" (if I run a regular scan that works but once it tries accessing the app home page it crashes out again)

Can anyone confirm this behaviour and any solutions? Or do I need to try Avast One instead at this point?