Do the nag screens make you want to leave Avast?

Yes, They're useful
0 (0%)
No, theyre intrusive
2 (100%)

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Voting closed: February 02, 2023, 12:45:58 PM

Author Topic: Constant nag screens in last month of subscription is really really annoying  (Read 821 times)

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Totally doing my head in. 3 popup screens every single day. Never used to be like this. I'll be off, thanks for the 15+ years Avast

Offline Rundvleeskroket

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Your poll seems to mix up yes and no?

Offline DavidR

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Your poll seems to mix up yes and no?

Given the title "Do the nag screens make you want to leave Avast? "
Not only mixed up - but the text after is completely wrong even if the yes and no were swapped.

There isn't a clear yes I will leave or no I won't leave.

Not only that, but dan.thomas25 doesn't state what Avast Program he is using.

I've only been using Avast Free for a little under 19 years.  I get a popup at about 12 days before the years end and I act on it then and don't see any more.  If dan.thomas25 is using a paid version, then the last thing he would want (I guess) is an auto renewal of a paid subscription without his knowledge (assuming he is in an auto renewal subscription).  However I guess he isn't and that is where the irritation of the nag screen kicks in.

There is nothing stopping dan.thomas25 switching the the Free version.

I guess I have a higher pain/nag threshold.
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