Author Topic: Mac keep calling to, not sure how to remove  (Read 2202 times)

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I have not installed Avast, I do not see an Avast process running yet my Mac calls to every minute.

I have no firewall installed. I did have CCleaner installed but opted out of installing Avast. I uninstalled CCleaner using CCleaner Uninstall.

Please note, I never had Avast installed so uninstalling it via the interface at the Menu Bar does not seem possible. Am I missing something?

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Re: Mac keep calling to, not sure how to remove
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2023, 08:59:21 AM »
this is one of our configuration backgrounds that many of our apps contact, however the frequency seems excessive. I would guess that there could be some Avast app present in some weird, possibly partially removed state. Have you tried to reboot the machine? Other than that, I would have to know which process the connect attempts originate from.
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