Author Topic: Avast and Windows Update malware - False positive?  (Read 913 times)

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Avast and Windows Update malware - False positive?
« on: January 30, 2023, 10:44:40 PM »
I think that here is better...

Hello, today when trying to install the Windows 11 January cumulative update, when I tried to install it from Windows Update I got a message from Avast Antivirus Free detecting alleged malware, it did not happen with the normal update.  if you moved the file located in Windows 》WinSxS to quarantine, the proces are TiWorker (Windows actualizations), the update had to be restarted as it aborted the update, this happens 4 times, always when the update have a 100% to install.

I interpret that it will be a conflict between the antivirus and the update, since it is a temporary file and it comes from Windows Update and not from external sites, but it had never happened to me and I wanted to ask you if this can happen.

After restarting the PC and installing the other updates, include the Windows 11 01-2023 actualization (not the acumulative) there were no problems to install the acumulative W11 actualization, and after analyzing the PC with an intelligent and deep analysis, it did not detect any threat, (malwarebytes and Windows Defender too) although I already told you that the warning only came up when the installation was almost 100% complete from Windows Update, something that I tried up to 4 times, confirming that it was when trying to update.

This is normal? False positive?