Author Topic: If I'm not signing up to buy your VPN, one possible reason is that Ihave another  (Read 808 times)

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Could we please give us an option to quit getting this notice every time we turn around? I'm paid up for a year with another service, and I'm paid up a year with you. The VPN service doesn't get in the way of my work/play/daydreaming, you guys do. You are creating an incentive for me to replace my Anti-virus instead of my VPN. What I would like to do is just keep what I have the same and not think about it more than once a year when it comes time to resubscribe.

Sorry, but consistent interruptions are very annoying and insulting.

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I don't believe Avast actually checks to see if you have a VPN installed, some might consider that intrusive also.

However there used to be an option in the Avast Settings for those with paid versions of Avast not to be offered other Avast products.

It used to be in the Avast UI > Menu > Settings > General > Personal Privacy - section.  As I only use Avast Free my options are very limited and certainly wouldn't have that option.
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