Author Topic: FP? We have blocked ib_D1D3C.28880.bat because it´s infected with IDP.Generic  (Read 1064 times)

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Hi there. I recently refreshed my 3 year old windows 10 cause of lag and slowing down.
But i did not reinstall windows from a usb stick or something, i just used the refresh feature from windows itself.
After the refresh i had a weird bug that my accent key always automatically double pressed (not the standard behaviour).
After some googling and triing things out i found that, in my task managers startup tab there was this command prompt activated, which i´ve never seen. Also a friend of mine didn´t have this in his startups.
I deactivated that and the accent keys behaved nnormal again, didn´t of having a virus or something cause i just refreshed my system.

But, a few days after that, i got an email that there´s strange behavior on my email account at google.
So i changed my password.
A few days later i got a mail from steam that someone logged into my account knowing my credentials.
So i changed pw there too.
Next days someone logged into my amazon and ordered FIFA Packs, which, to my luck didn´t get through cause i´m broke haha :D

So i decided to reinstall windows completely new and i also decided to go to windows 11 and change most of my passwords.
Now that i´ve got a fresh system everything seemed ok till this happened.

I´m developing apps with unreal engine and i just wanted to open one of my unreal projects.
While the project starts i got this message popping up from Avast saying:
We have blocked id_D1D3C.28880.bat bacause it was infected with IDP.Generic.
The file location is: C:\Program Files(x86)\IncrediBuild\Temp\id_D1D3C.28880.bat
The prozess is C:\Windows\SysWOW63\cmd.exe
Here´s a link from virus total:
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Wait for a final verdict from avast's as others do not flag.
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As it is a Mark Monitor (Google ad-related)  file, it could be a pup.
That is potential unwanted file.

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