Author Topic: Windows 11, Asus Vivobook - network changes it setting from Public to Private  (Read 607 times)

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Hi my network connection changes it settings from public to a private setting without me knowing. This has happened often over the past two years since I have had my Laptop. Why is this a constant problem for me. I have never authorised this to happen and I'm highly computer literate. I've grown up with gadgets since the 80's! To be honest someone has some kind of access to my laptop remotely and I do not have any remote connections switched on or are using any.
I'm using - Avast Premium Antivirus.
Can anybody help.

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are you using your computer at home?
if so that is connecting to your own broadband or wifi connection that you pay monthly for which is classed as a private network. avast will adjust to wherever you connect to.

if you are using your computer out and about using someone elses wifi connection then that will use public.
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