Author Topic: Avast Antiransomware - a drag on performance?  (Read 642 times)

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Avast Antiransomware - a drag on performance?
« on: February 27, 2023, 09:29:54 AM »
Using old hardware emphasises performance hits.   Last week, I removed Avast Antiransomware and substituted the Malwarebytes stand-alone equivalent.  I am perfectly happy with this because system performance is much improved.  This is only a subjective observation, I admit.

When Avast 22.5 succeeded 22.4, the result was a performance reduction: enough to cause me to revert to 22.4.  I now ask the question: was a change to the Antiransomware feature from 22.4 to 22.5 to blame?

The effect would not be noticed with recent systems possessing fast hardware but my 2006 Toshiba Satellite Pro P200 x64 (1.83GHz Intel Core Duo, 4GB RAM) running Windows 10 is now much more responsive to my demands.  Slower than lightning it might be but it has a lovely display screen.
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