Author Topic: Problem with shutting down the PC after updating Avast to version 23.3  (Read 907 times)

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After updating to version 23.3, I can't turn off or restart my PC. A screen always appears that the system is waiting for background programs to close and after an hour nothing happens, even clicking the Force shut down button doesn't help, so I'm forced to "hard" shut down the PC. I have noticed that if the computer is only running for a short period of time and only one AvastUI.exe process is active, shutting down and restarting is fine. After four AvastUI.exe processes are already running (the standard number), the mentioned restart or shutdown problems appear. I am using Windows 7 Home 64bit. Does anyone have the same problem?

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I've had that happen with Avast for years.

My situation is Avast Free on Windows 7 in a Virtual Machine with a snapshot applied. So every boot it is returned to an older state. I have Avast set to only update definitions there, but not program versions. Then, every so often, I manually update everything and make a new snapshot (base state to revert to).

When I update Avast from a version that might be 6 months or a year old, even right after a fresh boot, this hanging behaviour happens often. The irony is that the background process that is taking forever or just seems to hang, is Avast itself!

After a hard reboot (without reverting) Avast has still updated.