Author Topic: Bank Mode: cannot start the password manager Sticky Password  (Read 1179 times)

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Bank Mode: cannot start the password manager Sticky Password
« on: March 17, 2023, 12:42:55 PM »
Hi, I am not sure if the Bank Mode topic belongs to the ASB subforum, but after the last upgrade of Avast, the Bank Mode can no longer start the Sticky Password application.
I have the icon on the Bank Mode task bar: "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Sticky Password\Sticky Password.lnk"
It links to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Sticky Password\stpass.exe"
The icon is on the task bar, but clicking on it triggers no action or any feedback whatsoever. I was able to remove the extra Edge icon, I can remove the Sticky a put it back, also direct link to the *.exe file (not just windows menu), no difference. Sticky starts normally outside of the Bank Mode.

Avast antivirus 23.2.6053 (sestavení 23.2.7961.777), ASB Verze 110.0.20395.178 (Oficiální sestavení) (64bitový)

PS: I tried to report this bug over the Avast Antivirus app, menu About, there is a button "send feedback", but this one does not work perhaps for years now, returns "something went wrong...."

PPS: Can I kindly ask if the Avast products can be tested before being released into production? I still have in vivid memory, how the previous version completely cut us off from the Bank Mode.
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Re: Bank Mode: cannot start the password manager Sticky Password
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2023, 12:48:01 PM »
Diagnostické informace
executable_path=C:\Program Files (x86)\AVAST Software\Browser\Application\AvastBrowser.exe
profile_path=C:\Users\tomas\AppData\Local\AVAST Software\Browser\User Data\Default
os_version=Windows 10 v21H2 (x64)
av_engines=Avast Antivirus, AMSI - Avast IAntimalwareProvider implementation
active_av_engine=Avast Antivirus
browser_version=110.0.20395.178 (Official Build (64-bit))

Channel: stable
OS language: cs-cz
Browser language: cs
Search Engine URL:{google:client}&q={searchTerms}&{google:originalQueryForSuggestion}{google:assistedQueryStats}ie={inputEncoding}
Omaha version: 1.8.1579.3

Subscription Information:
Subscription id:
Issue date:
Expiration date:
License period:
Status: Free

Enabled extensions:
ahfgeienlihckogmohjhadlkjgocpleb : Obchod Avast Secure Browser : 0.2
beghmmhchncjignfbfnemngnlnjdmbcb : Avast Anti-Fingerprinting : 2.6.234
dmfdacibleoapmpfdgonigdfinmekhgp : Avast SecureLine VPN :
gjcfnponmdkenfdibginkmlmediekpnm : Messaging :
jfijboeaeajnoejbcdbhejlnmhepeige : Rozšíření NTP : 3.12.168
lhnnoklckomcfdlknmjaenoodlpfdclc : Avast Bank Mode :
mecokbmnofclapimmlnfegiohceoaocc : Avast Performance Manager : 1.2.220
mhjfbmdgcfjbbpaeojofohoefgiehjai : Chrome PDF Viewer : 1
nkeimhogjdpnpccoofpliimaahmaaome : Google Hangouts : 1.3.21
onochehmbbbmkaffnheflmfpfjgppblm : Avast Privacy Guard : 2.8.433

Disabled extensions: