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Turning off alerts
« on: April 03, 2023, 04:34:25 PM »
Hey, I would like to ask how to turn off the alerts where this wannabe antivirus block some unwanted stuff ( old drivers etc ) before I decide to delete this useless crap.
Honestly it's unreal that I have turned off all possible alerts popping off while there is a program running in fullscreen and still it doesn't care. Already 4 times, I got a popup alert while playing a game, which resulted in the game going into windowed mode and I was not able to put it back to full screen. Simply stuck on the window mode. Nothing else than reinstalling helps. Now I'm happy I'm already not paying for a premium cause this is unreal. If there is no fix for this, I guess it's time to move since this great antivirus is becoming piece of crap lately