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Questions about scheduling scans
« on: April 25, 2023, 07:54:00 PM »
I managed to find the options to schedule a smart scan so that this runs weekly as a custom scan.  I've seen the scan run and seen a screen full of check results.  But I've two questions:

Via the menu >> Protection >> Virus scans there is a hyperlink to Scan history.  Why is this empty, my weekly scans don't appear there?  Does it depend on the type of scan?

When the scan runs it seemed to come up with a number of different actions to follow-up on; options seem to be to resolve or ignore.  I don't necessarily want to automatically resolve, for example by updating a software on my PC.  However if I click ignore, it seems that all the history of what the scan found is lost?  Isn't there a way to get back to the results and explore them in detail one, by one - it seems not?  I either have to resolve at the time of the scan, or do nothing - is that correct?  Online help doesn't seem to explain.

Thanks for any explanations

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Re: Questions about scheduling scans
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2023, 09:23:55 PM »
I believe it only records the scans listed in the menu >> Protection >> Virus scans screen that you mentioned as they have the option to Generate a Report.  I say this as there is nothing about special scans in that screen.

This is especially so I guess for the Smart scan as that is interactive as it reports what it has found and you have to make the decision on what action to take.

- With a resident (on-access) scanner the need for on-demand scans is much depreciated. For the most part dormant/inert files are being scanned, the other active files are going to be scanned by the resident shields when they are activated.

-  I also feel this to be true of the so called Smart Scan:
1.  I don't feel it is that smart, when it tells me my camera is vulnerable/could be watching, I guess i can't see the big sticker I have over it.
It doesn't actually pry into your system so may report something needs attention when you already have it covered by another application/function or handle yourself.

2.  I feel it is more of a vehicle to promote other Avast paid product.  Such as Junk, I don't care about junk I don't let it build up and who feels it is junk.  As they say one man's junk is another man's treasure.  There are other examples that I the user either don't care about or I already handle it myself.

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