Author Topic: Can not find malware flagged by Web shield, svchost.exe  (Read 701 times)

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Hi All,

I've been getting a lot of Threat secured alerts from Avast Webshield with the following:

Threat name: URL:Blacklist
URL: / gts1d4 / oZuavMRg6V0.crl
Process: C://Windows/System32/svchost.exeoo
Detected by: Web shield
Status: Connection aborted

I've tried a full system scan with both Avast and other antivirus software packages.
I've also submitted the svchost.exe file to virustotal but nothing comes up.
I've also tried shutting down all internet browsers, but it just keeps popping up.
I've also run System File Checker and DISM cleanup, still nothing.

Anyone have any idea on what I should do?
I feel like something has infected svchost but I have no idea where to look.

Thanks in advance

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having the exact same issue/notifications

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