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Blacklist URL reported
« on: May 21, 2023, 06:36:54 AM »

the URL is marked by AVAST as blacklist URL, how is this blacklist made and who is responsible for it?
The website doesn't have any virus or problem, and the fact that AVAST marks it as blacklisted is creating problems to our own business!

In the app it says incident report 6729bcd7e029/2023-05-21T04:32:31.023Z

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Re: Blacklist URL reported
« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2023, 03:10:07 PM »
This was being flagged:
Potentially Suspicious files:1
Detected Potentially Suspicious File
File name   /cdn-cgi/challenge-platform/h/g/orchestrate/managed/v1?ray=7cad07efbbc0926b
Threat name   PS.SuspScript.gen
File type   ASCII
Reason   Detected potentially suspicious initialization of function pointer to JavaScript method eval CcodeE __tmpvar1807368120 = eval; Ccode/E
Details   Detected potentially suspicious content.
Threat dump   [xxx[9(454)](fA),fA++);fB=(0,eval)(i9(1752)),fC=atob(i9(830)),fy[i9(1410)](function(iG,d){return iG=i9,d={'aRifJ':function(e){return e()}},d[iG(687)](hq)}),fv[i9(1846)]=function(iH,f,g,h,j){for(iH=i9,f=fv[iH(1787)]xxxx,g={},g.kd=0,,g.po=0,g.ts=0,,]]xxxx  (xxx from me, pol)
Threat MD5   FDC92DAE27E818E054DE53FEDA273A95
File MD5   A3206931A0F34C6526720F2337025A89

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