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« on: May 23, 2023, 03:14:33 AM »

After the latest Avast Ultimate (Premium Security) update this process localservicenonetworkfirewall is consuming too much RAM and I get notification in Windows settings that my firewall is off.
When I check in Avast, firewall is on and everything is ok. Longer the computer is on, it consumes more RAM. It goes to full RAM usage and I have 32gb, usually maximum up to 30%-40% is taken before this issue occurred. This started happening with the update on 17.05.2023. version 23.4.6062

I have tried so far to repair with DISM.
When I click on the option to restart firewall from settings it just do nothing.
I expect to get some fix from Avast team...
Did anyone encountered similar problem?

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