Author Topic: Avast Bank Mode won't open LibreOffice Calc from Taskbar Shortcut  (Read 994 times)

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[Window 10, LibreOffice, Free Avast 23.4.6062 (build 23.4.8118.762)]
"Avast Bank Mode won't open LibreOffice from Taskbar Shortcut / LibreOffice Calc won't pin to Avast Bank Mode TaskBar.txt"

When I attempt to pin application LibreOffice Calc to the task bar, specifying the application path:
C:\Program Files\LibreOffice6-06\program\scalc.exe
     (version upgrade installed into the legacy 6-06 folder structure)

A shortcut is created that displays the LibreOffice Calc icon, but instead of opening the application, it opens a FireFox browser window to the URL:

This method does work to create shortcuts for LibreOffice Draw, and Base applications. 

(The workaround is to open one of the other application types and choose File->New->Spreadsheet, or use the local file browser to open an existing sheet.  [You can also pin  or pin LibreOffice QuickStart.exe -or- soffice.exe and use the Dashboard to create a new SpreadSheet or open a recent file, but this only works if no other L-O documents are currently open]).

I also tried creating a shortcut to the Calc.exe application on the Windows desktop "shortcut to , but using Pin App also results in a taskbar item with the correct icon, but which also opens a browser search, instead of the application.

Has anyone else experienced this, ... any better workarounds out there?

(Also submitted as a bug report through the Avast App GUI)