Author Topic: Intrusive, disruptive, and INACCURATE renewal reminders  (Read 733 times)

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Intrusive, disruptive, and INACCURATE renewal reminders
« on: June 29, 2023, 02:18:30 AM »
I love the Avast products and have been using them happily for more than a decade. And I am right on the edge of canceling them and replacing with a competitor's product, all over one issue: incessant, redundant, untimely, unnecessary, intrusive pop-ups soliciting renewal. While I have been gladly paying for multiple Avast products for more than 10 years, the program seems to have no idea of when I have paid for renewal or when my next payment might be due. I and my wife both have spent HOURS on the phone with Avast support the past two years straightening out duplicate charges and other problems that were totally the Avast payment system's fault and not anything we had done wrong or misunderstood. Now today, I have received intrusive pop- up renewal reminders THREE TIMES while I'm trying to do serious work, even though I know my account is not only fully paid up, but not due for actual renewal for many months to come. THIS IS INSANE. I can't believe that the same resources that programmed these excellent security products can't come up with a renewal reminder system that is MORE ACCURATE and LESS OBNOXIOUS. If I keep getting these multiple times a day over the next few days again, that will be it for me -- I will find myself forced to find a different, probably less effective security service JUST TO GET RID of this ridiculous solicitation. Is there any way Avast, or I on my end, can change the settings to get this addressed? Thank you for your help.