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Hello Avast Community,

I have been using Avast Premium Security antivirus, and I recently came across the Avast Secure DNS feature. While exploring its functionality, I noticed that the yesterday DNS server IP was displayed as on my site during a check on Typically almost 99% cases in my checks, DNS server IPs are within the range of 5.62.40.XX. After WebShield new start it returned to 5.62.40.XX┬┤range.
I wanted to confirm if the IP address is indeed associated with Avast Secure DNS or if it indicates a different DNS server. Could someone from the Avast team Community please clarify this for me?

I found some confirmation on old forum post ->

and after xforce check

But still is showing this server as Hivelocity Inc machine:

therefore i want to be sure (dns hijacking)  :)