Author Topic: New popup, Password Protection is protecting me from itself and crashing avast?  (Read 430 times)

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A few weeks ago, I had a popup appear like this one for Chrome and Avast browser.

As they seemed very random at the time, I blocked them as I couldn't see any real reason for it to have access. (Password browser extentions working fine still)
However, after this I've had issues with Avast crashing often.

(Only shows crashes since last time the machine was booted up, can probably multiply with 10-20 times)

tried using repair app in troubleshooting, did nothing it seems.

I found out this happened on an hourly basis, so I looked into task scheduler, where i found avast had made a hearthbeat task for avast browser that ran hourly and coincided with the crashes, so I deleted that entry.
After this I dont think I've had any crashes.

Does this have anything to do with me blocking the app from accessing the login info?

Windows 11: 22621.1848
Avast Premium security version: 23.6.6070 (build 23.6.8271.762)
Chrome: 114.0.5735.199
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