Author Topic: What causes Avast to be so annoying when it comes to blocking drivers?  (Read 658 times)

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The component responsible for blocking drivers keeps complaining about the FanControl tool driver, even after I added it to the exceptions list. It had been detecting the same driver with signatures prior to this. I don't understand why this issue hasn't been resolved yet. It was so frustrating that I uninstalled Avast just 5 minutes after installing it and switched to a competitor's product for testing purposes.

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This is not a false alarm, it's a valid detection.
If you're happy with a vulnerable driver on your system (which any malicious code can use e.g. to escalate its privileges and to get kernel code execution, to disable the antimalware protection etc.), you can disable the related Avast functionality under Settings / Troubleshooting / Enable Self-Defense / Block vulnerable kernel drivers.