Author Topic: Avast severely reduced my download speeds.  (Read 518 times)

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Avast severely reduced my download speeds.
« on: August 13, 2023, 12:25:30 AM »
I've used Avast for more than a decade.

I referred friends to it and swore by it.

No longer. 

I wrote to customer service with a couple of issues. One of which was asking if any Avast product could be affecting my download speed.  They wrote back about the other issue but didn't make any mention of speed impact.

After a format of my drive and reinstall of Windows 11, my speed was back to where it should be, almost 1 GB up and down.

Then I installed my Avast Premium Suite with Security, Cleanup, Drive Updater and Anti-Track.

I had also installed the Windows updates, of course.

Suddenly, my download speed had plunged again to 338.54 d / 839.07 u.

So, I did some testing:

350.42 d / 810.36 u

After uninstalling Avast Anti-Track

592.61 d / 828.87 u

After uninstalling Avast Driver Updater

632.85 d / 809.21 u

After uninstalling Avast Cleanup

724.60 d / 833.90 u

After uninstalling Avast Security Premium

786.61 d / 840.24 u

Yes, I had "Participate in the Avast community" and "Participate in Data Sharing" switched on but just how much are they sending to deprecate my speed that much?!