Author Topic: How do I turn off the advertisements?  (Read 792 times)

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How do I turn off the advertisements?
« on: September 01, 2023, 06:50:08 AM »
Good evening. I pay good money for this service. How do I turn off the advertising? I don't want to be bothered if you're just scanning my PC for ways to make more money. And the reason I say this is because I have had many times more Avast advertising popups asking for money than I have threats actually being stopped.

I should be getting full protection for what I'm paying, but I will settle for a way to turn the ads off. This is infuriating. Imagine ads popping up on your PC. What is this? 1999? It is every day, some times twice or even three times. We used to purchase services like this to GET RID of spam advertisements popping up on our computers.

Please help
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