Author Topic: Avast has stopped checking my email  (Read 654 times)

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Avast has stopped checking my email
« on: September 18, 2023, 08:45:01 PM »
Up to 9:40am this morning, Avast was checking my email, and tagged them all as "Avast Safe". The next email, received at 10:04am, and all subsequent emails, do not appear to have been scanned, and have not been tagged as "Avast Safe". What gives?

Edited to add:
I contacted Avast Customer Care, and chatted with Rukshan. I will not comment on his professionalism, but I was GOBSMACKED when he asked if he could take remote control of my computer!! I really cannot believe that an Internet Security company would do this!

Any opinions? Am I right to deny his access?
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Re: Avast has stopped checking my email
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2023, 11:51:55 PM »
I have never had Avast tag my emails as safe - why you might say - if they weren't safe I would expect Avast to Alert.  But there is also the tag such 'infected' emails with *** VIRUS *** in the Subject.  See attached image.

Check and ensure that your Mail Shield settings haven't changed (possibility after an update, but unlikely), especially the Scan Inbound emails option.

What type of email is impacted by this ?
Are you using an email client like thunderbird ?

I'm undecided as to if you should allow remote access (it isn't my system), but there isn't a great deal of information in your original post.  If this was similar then without further information support would be guessing.  Now in the Avast Antivirus functionality (not for individual components) there is the ability to generate a support file which is much more detailed, if that isn't available it would be much more difficult to pinpoint the issue.

We don't even know what Avast Program and version you are running, nor do we know what your email client or service is, or what email emails are impacted or all.
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