Author Topic: Avast one personal network scan and list of services  (Read 1102 times)

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Avast one personal network scan and list of services
« on: September 28, 2023, 02:40:53 PM »

I must say I looked the previous version antivirus premium more tweakable for example the firewall.

Now I am not a pro in that area...

I got a question regarding the Network scan results: services overview list of your device. It lists Names of services port usage and protocal (udp tvp)

I got no clue if these are good or bad, neither an option to remove or add or scan specific..

On top of that I noticed:

15 'Unknown services' with used ports: 3702,4500, 5050? 5353,5355, 5x 496** ports, 52400,5229 and 61846

'named Ports include: 4xNetbios (137-139 &500) ISAK 500, MDNS 5353, LLMNR 5355

Some info: This is my personal device, got avast one use it to game, got tor brows & edge, there is no work or other admin above me (or atleast it should not be)

I am vigilant since i recently had to take care of malware and did a flash w10 installation on a new disk.

Anybody see's troubles?

thx :)