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Free version of Avast One
« on: October 22, 2023, 05:24:28 PM »

I'd had a persistent problem with Avast One Essential (it kept warning me that it hadn't updated virus definitions even though it had) and I finally reinstalled the program.  Unfortunately, instead of the free program, it automatically switched me to a free trial of the paid version.  Now that the trial period is over, I can't find any way to switch to the free version I wanted all along (and used to have).  When I searched online for an answer, I found this instruction: "Click 'switch to free' in the dialog that appears after your free trial expires."  The trouble is that no such dialog has appeared and no "switch to free" option appears on any page that I can find.  Am I missing something?

I would consider uninstalling and reinstalling the program, but I have a feeling the same thing would happen again - unless someone has a link that's definitely to the free version.